All students must adhere to rules and regulations issued by the authority. They
    should maintain Harmony and Peace among the peers and the entire Institute. Any
    violation of the rules and regulations will attract Penalty declared by the authority.

    1) All regular students should wear Proper Uniform and Valid ID Card all the time.

    2) All students will maintain 100 % Attendance in Theory and Practical Hours.

    3) Students will update themselves with respect to the Academic Notices, Circulars
    displayed on the Notice Boards of Departments, Examination Cell, Student’s Section
    as well as on Institute Website (

    4) Students will follow Academic Calendar and will attend the Parent Meetings along
    with their Parents/Guardians compulsorily.

    5) Use of mobile phones in the Classrooms, Library, Corridor etc. is strictly prohibited.

    6) Ragging is an offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus/premises.
    Any student involved in such activities will be subjected to disciplinary action as per
    provisions of Anti-Ragging Act issued by the Government.

    7) Students are strictly prohibited from Smoking/Chewing/Spitting of Tobacco

    8) No student will indulge in the consumption of Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs anywhere
    in the College Premises.

    9) No students will litter and dirty their classroom, corridors, and other college

    10) Eatables and soft drinks should be consumed inside the Canteen only. (Students
    are allowed to eat their tiffin in the allotted classrooms during their breaks) All the
    wrappers, waste papers etc should be put in the Dustbin,

    11) Students should park their bicycles and two-wheelers at allotted space Only.

    12) Students will play Outdoor games during the prescribed timing in the Playground
    only. (Playground Timings: Before 8.30 am and After 4.30 pm). Playing of Games
    elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

    13) No celebration of Birthday in the classroom

    14) Maintain the proper distance while passing through the corridors. No running or
    shouting, screaming, whistling, singing, talking loudly.

    15) No students will indulge in fighting, quarrelling, violence, mock fighting with fellow

    16) Students will not sit on the classroom desk, tables, staircases, passageways and on
    the main entrance.

    17) Students will not damage the Institute Property such as Furniture, Fans, Electrical
    Fitting, Bathroom Fitting, Laboratory Instruments etc. If found cost of damaged items
    will be recovered from the students.

    18) All Students must conserve electricity and water. They must switch off lights and
    fans when they leave the classroom, library, and laboratory.

    19) Students should observe and practice all Universal Human Moral Values.

    20) No student will use lift facility except PWD Students or under emergency.

    Violation of any of the above code of conduct will invite Disciplinary action and Penalty adjudged by the Principal.