Conduct and Discipline

  • Students are expected to maintain strict discipline within and outside the classroom, workshop, laboratories and library and to observe the rules prescribed from time to time.
  • Students are also expected to show politeness and courtesy of speech as well as observe cleanliness.
  • Use of Mobile phone is prohibited in college campus. Keep your mobile in silent mode.
  • No one is allowed to touch anybody in college campus.
  • Carrying, consumption or use of narcotic substances (आमली पदार्थ ) is strictly prohibited.
  • Spitting on walls, road etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should carry ID CARD inside the campus.
  • Bicycle and other two wheelers should strictly be parked at the allotted parking lot.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from smoking anywhere in the campus.
  • Students may use two-wheelers, but should have valid driving license & wear safety helmets.
  • Students should handle college property carefully without causing any damage.
  • Girls and Boys shall not unnecessarily stand in groups in the institutional premises except other than holding academic discussions.
  • Students must leave the campus immediately after classes are over.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. If found guilty, student is liable for disciplinary action as per Government laws.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance in Theory and 100% attendance in Practical is required to appear for the semester end examinations. Students who do not have the minimum attendance will not be allowed to appear for the semester end examinations.

वरील नियमांचे उल्लंघन करणाऱ्यांवर शिस्तभंगाची कार्यवाही करण्यात येईल