Academic Coordinator’s desk









Dr. Rajesh A. Patil
Academic Coordinator Govt. Polytechnic Mumbai

 Government Polytechnic Mumbai is an autonomous institute of Government of Maharashtra, running 3 years of AICTE approved diploma in ten programmes with sandwich pattern. Being an autonomous institute, the curriculum is revised after every 3 to 4 years as per the demand of the industry and advance technology. In 2019, curriculum is revised with Sandwich pattern which emphasizes on the philosophy of Outcome based education (OBE) and six months industrial training. The industry experts, being main stake holders are actively involved, while designing the curriculum. Outcomes are validated by industry experts, so it will produce industry ready pass outs and increase the employability of students. In order to achieve our vision more weightage in curriculum is given to skill component and problem solving capability.

 In our institute assessment and evaluation is done to improve and not to prove. Assessment and evaluation of students is done in tune with Program Outcomes (POs) and Course Outcomes (COs) of each course of the program. Any program consists of different learning experiences spread over different sites viz. classroom, laboratory, library, field, and other relevant sites. The achievements of students learning outcomes are measured through well-defined assessment whose purpose is to assess and provide feedback on student learning so that the student can improve his performance. The continuous feedback is useful to the learner and also to the faculty so that faculty can change the methodology to ensure learning of students.

 We not only want to improve academic performance of the students, but we also wants to improve the overall ability of the students in technical, social and cultural field that reflects his future. For this 5 hours per week in first three semesters are allotted for student’s centred activity.